Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Open online education, also called MOOCs, is a free education that universities and colleges can offer and that is open to the public. To mitigate the consequences of the Coronavirus's effects on the labor market, the government has invested SEK 2020 million in MOOCs in 30.

Today, there is no structure for funding these courses, as they are not formal education. SFS sees that MOOCs have the potential to drive pedagogical development forward, but it is not justified to take money from the formal educations to conduct such development work. Therefore, SFS believes that higher education institutions should not finance MOOCs through money from education grants. SFS calls for a national strategy to create a consensus on how MOOCs should be developed and financed.

Read more about SFS's view of MOOCs in our consultation response to the national library strategy, as well as in SFS's position "SFS's view of the university's scope, range, funding and admission". Also read UKÄ's report on MOOCs. All reports are attached below.