Call for applications – development of a national information source for doctoral students

Help all doctoral students in Sweden know their rights and regulations that affect them


The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) is now looking to temporarily employ someone to develop a national information source for doctoral students. Recently, SFS together with the trade union ST published the report ‘Hur mår doktoranden’ which among other things showed that many doctoral students do not know their rights and possibilities when it comes to their education and employment. SFS aims to change this through this project and help all doctoral students in Sweden get to know this important information. 

The need for such an information source has become especially apparent during the Corona pandemic. Such a national information source has previously been provided by national governmental agencies but since this is no longer the case, SFS sees great potential in providing such information. The project is a collaboration between SFS central office and SFS Doktorandkommitté (SFS-DK). 

The project

You will work together with SFS central office and SFS-DK in order to find the correct target audience, scope and content of the national information source. Initially we see that the target audience are doctoral students who need information about what regulations guard their education, what rights they have, and where they can get more help but other actors could also be of interest. 

Regarding the scope, SFS initial ambition is that there are three main components. First and foremost to give a thorough introduction to the regulations that regards doctoral education. Secondly to serve as a doctoral students’ handbook, especially for doctoral students new to the Swedish context. Thirdly to describe the conditions for shadow doctoral students and support these individuals in navigating their special context. All of this will however be discussed early on in the project. 

We see that the project begins with a pre-study and anchoring process where the target audience and scope is decided upon and different actors are interviewed in order to get a good sense of what is needed. Then a process of gathering material and writing the content follows. After that a post-process of anchoring with the SFS office and SFS-DK will conclude the project. We hope for all this to be completed by the 30th of August 2021 but are flexible in the exact time frames. The project must however be completed by October 2021. The SFS office will take care of design and publication of the information. After the project is completed it is SFS-DK:s responsibility to keep the national information source updated. 

The person

We are looking for someone who fulfills the following requirements:

  • is able to communicate well in written and oral English
  • is able to read Swedish
  • has experience with working with doctoral students issues, at faculty, university or national level in the Swedish higher education institutions
  • shows awareness of and knowledge of the regulations that governs doctoral education in Sweden.
  • shows awareness and knowledge about how different financing of doctoral education affects the rules and rights of the doctoral education, as well as the circumstances of doctoral students
  • is able to work independently and structured

Additionally the following qualifications are of merit for the position:

  • fluency in Swedish
  • ability to work well with others
  • project management experience
  • ability to reflect upon how to get it to reach the target audience
  • possibility to complete the work within the specified timeframe

The position

You will be paid a competitive salary for completion of the project. This is to cover around 2-3 months of work at a working rate of 50%-100% depending on your availability and interest.  The work will be carried out via digital meetings and thus you do not need to be localised in Stockholm. We aim for you to work during 1 june 2021 to 30 augusti 2021 but the exact dates can be discussed. We however wish the project to be complete no later than 30 september 2021. You will have regular follow-up meetings with SFS but other than that are given freedom in how you approach the task and when you wish to work. SFS is bound to the collective agreement (kollektivavtal) for Ideella och Idéburna organisationer between Arbetsgivaralliansen and Unionen, Akademikerförbunden and Vision.  

Your application

Please send in your application no later than the 21st of May 2021. This is done through sending an email containing CV and personal letter to SFS president Simon Edström via [email protected] with the title “Application national doctoral student information source”. For questions please contact Simon Edström via 070 545 75 57 or through the email above.