Call for members and vice-chairs of SFS-DK

SFS-DK is a committee in SFS which works as an advisory group for the presidium and board of SFS in questions regarding third cycle education, research and the general conditions of doctoral students in Sweden. The aim of SFS-DK is to enable SFS to influence the development of these areas. SFS-DK shall also work within SFS to put these issues into light. Beyond this, the purpose of SFS-DK is as follows:

  • To act as the advisory committee of the presidium and board of SFS, regarding third cycle education, research and the general conditions of doctoral students in Sweden.
  • To give a doctoral student input on referrals regarding third cycle education, research or the general conditions of doctoral students in specific or the higher education system as a whole.
  • To drive issues regarding third cycle education, research or the general conditions of doctoral students within SFS and at a national level in general.
  • To work actively towards securing a high level of representation of doctoral students in Sweden at both national and international level, as well as within SFS and its members.
  • To represent, together with the presidium of SFS, the doctoral students in Sweden at a regional, national and international level in matters relating to third cycle education, research, and the general conditions of doctoral students

Members of SFS-DK are expected to participate in four whole day meetings that are held annually in SFS-DK, possible video meetings in between the whole day meetings, as well as email correspondence. Ordinary members of SFS-DK are entitled to 10 days of prolongation for the work and vice-chairs up to 30 days of prolongation which corresponds to the expected workload of their respective role. The vice-chairs of SFS-DK is expected to work closely together with the chair of SFS-DK.

The working language of SFS-DK is so far it is possible English, and we highly recommend interested candidates with little or no knowledge of Swedish to apply, but as SFS-DK gives input to SFS on referrals from Swedish authorities, some of the working documents will only be available in Swedish. 

Attached documents containing additional information can be found at the end of this document and consist of the following:

  • Attachment 1: SFS-DK Working directives (directives detailing the structure of SFS-DK decided upon by the board)
  • Attachment 2: SFS-DK Work (detailed directives regarding the work of SFS-DK decided upon by the current members of SFS-DK)

What we are looking for

The term of SFS-DK is August 1st to July 31st.  

We are searching for candidates that are interested in the questions regarding the doctoral education in Sweden and the general conditions of doctoral students.  

Experience working with doctoral student issues on a university level  is seen as a qualification, as well as experience from board or council work in large organizations.  

It is preferable if the candidate is nominated by one of the SFS member unions. 


To apply for SFS-DK you should send in your application to [email protected] before the 24th of May at 12:00 marked with ‘Application SFS-DK’ in the title and should be in accordance with the instructions below. 

The written application should contain:

  1. A nomination from one of the SFS member student unions, 10 members of a SFS member union, an SFS board member, or a SFS-DK member.
  2. A CV,  it should of course contain information about the candidates background, and field of studies, but besides that the focus should be on relevant experience in terms of previous work in boards, councils etc, as well as if there are other relevant qualifications. Max 3 pages.
  3. A personal letter roughly one page long. Here the candidate gives a presentation about who they are, what kind of relevant experience they have, why they are interested in the position, and what they would like to contribute to in SFS-DK. In addition to this, the personal letter should contain: 
    1. What position is being applied for (ordinary member or vice-chair)
    2. Level of Swedish competency
    3. If you have any restrictions regarding participating in the work of SFS-DK or plan on using less than the specified number of prolongation days. 
    4. Fill out the doodle for the interview

In addition to the written application above, an interview with  selected candidates will also be held by a nomination committee. The nomination committee makes a proposal for the board of SFS to approve upon.

If you have any questions about the nomination procedure please contact [email protected] or if you have any questions regarding the work of SFS-DK please contact [email protected]

The interview

The second part of the nomination procedure is an interview. The interview is conducted by the members of the nomination committee, and the aim of the interview is for the nomination committee to clarify any questions the candidates may have with regard to the position, as well as help the nomination committee put together a recommendation for the board of SFS. 

The interview will take place between the 31st of May and the 4th of June and will be scheduled via Doodle


The nomination committee will send its information to the board of SFS no later than the 4th of June and the board of SFS-DK will take a decision on new members in SFS-DK on the 12th of June.