A greeting from the SFS Quality Committee (SQC)!

SFS Quality Committee (SQC) is one of SFS 'three committees. SQC is currently looking for new members. We contacted the current members to talk about
what SQC does, what the assignment entails and what quality work really is for something.

Hey! Can you explain what SQC is for? 

SQC is the SFS committee for quality assurance issues. This means that we work to best represent the students in matters relating to the quality of education. 

Specifically, we have four areas of responsibility:
1. Organize a national student pool for student representatives within the national quality assurance system for higher education.
2. Develop SFS 'advocacy work in relation to quality issues in higher education.
3. Represent SFS in contact with relevant actors if necessary identified by SFS's presidium.
4. Arouse interest and increase competence in quality issues within SFS as an organization

Interesting, but what does quality work really mean? 

Quality is a concept that can be tricky to have a clear definition of. When it comes to higher education, we in SQC usually use a variant of this definition: 

"Quality of education is a measure of how well the education strengthens the student's ability to learn useful skills, abilities and attitudes" 

It is thus about creating good conditions for learning. So that the student has the opportunity to take on the parts of the education that are useful to him. Our work is about how we can ensure that Sweden's higher education institutions meet those ideals as far as possible. 

How is your work going? 

Among the best we know is to discuss how the universities' work can be linked to quality for the student, a subject that we spend a lot of time on, and which so far seems inexhaustible. This is how we can deepen, build and share our skills with each other.

In addition to talking to each other, we also assist SFS member corps and board with expertise in the area. It can be about inviting elected representatives with quality responsibility from the country's unions to discuss and share experiences or assist the board with information.

When we do not turn to other students, we also work with other societal actors. We advocate for students in matters of quality vis-à-vis UKÄ, SUHF, the Ministry of Education and other national authorities by attending conferences, writing texts or through student representation at meetings and in working groups. 

Do you have any successes to share? and what are you doing right now? 

During the past year, SFS has established a network for education managers, developed and presented a position paper on the national quality assurance system, and acted as support for SFS 'board in the development of the three-year focus area on conditions for high quality education in SFS's business plan. Previously, SQC has established SFS student pool, which brings together Sweden's best student representatives for nomination for UKÄ's various reviews and other assignments.

Recently, meetings have been held with various authorities to discuss how the national quality assurance system can be strengthened and to develop network meetings. The latest meetings have focused on how we create good systems for course evaluations and what we students can do to increase the higher education pedagogical competence. We have also started planning for how the national student pool will be developed. 

It is a very fun assignment and in the committee we always have fun discussions and a strong community. Quality work is very much about what is important for students within the university and college and to be able to get nerdy in these issues together with others and really be involved and influence is both very fun and rewarding. 

The work in SQC comprises a maximum of 3 hours a week and normally the committee meets every other week to discuss current issues. Apply by May 9, you will find more information here.  You can read more about SFS committees here.