Good news from the government about higher education pedagogy

During today's government meeting, the Government decided to give the University Chancellor's Office, UKÄ a new authority assignment to follow up the higher education institutions' pedagogical development work. UKÄ will also provide an overview of the higher education institutions' work with pedagogical development as well as in-depth studies that are conducted and what results have been achieved.

SFS has long pointed out and pushed the issue that higher education pedagogy must be valued higher and given more priority. In order for all students to be guaranteed education of the highest quality, all teachers should have the best possible competence for teaching. This requires that the pedagogical skills are valued at the appointment and that there are conditions for the teachers to be able to create and develop their pedagogical skills. The opportunities to develop the pedagogical methods the teacher uses in teaching and time for reflection are a prerequisite for more people to be able to absorb the knowledge that is conveyed. This will become even more important when the student group becomes less homogeneous, both through the work with internationalization and broadened recruitment.

We now hope that UKÄ's follow-up will provide evidence that the coming Riksdag and government can use to improve the situation. Much can be done today, which SFS has pointed out among SULF before, but the data from UKÄ will provide a clear picture of what needs to be improved and can be the basis for future reforms (and any higher education bills).