SFS releases new report on the study grant

An English summary is included on the last page of the report

The study grant was reformed over twenty years ago - how well does today's system meet the basic idea behind the reforms? In the report "The limits of the study grant", we examine how well the system works based on the premise that it should work for everyone who wants to study.

The report is a broad review of the system as a whole. Although it may not provide exhaustive answers to all questions, we believe that it highlights a number of shortcomings. Among other things, that the study grant does not work well enough together with other security systems, such as the housing allowance and sick leave.

Finally, we present four proposals:

● opportunity for part-time sick leave for students.

● separate housing allowance for students.

● more weeks with study grants.

● unemployment insurance for students should be investigated.

On January 27, 2022, we had a panel discussion on the topic together with Maria Nilsson (L) and Daniel Riazat (V) that you can see in retrospect here.

Read the report here.