Nordiska och baltiska studenter kraftsamlar mot studieavgifter

Idag förväntas riksdagen klubba igenom beslutet om avgifter för studenter från 3:e land. På samma gång pågår demonstrationer i Finland för att förhindra implementeringen av studieavgifter. I såväl Norden som i Baltikum är debatten om studieavgifter het och samarbetsorganet NOM (Nordiskt ordförandemöte) har skrivit ett statement mot studieavgifter.

Nordic-Baltic students join forces in the battle against tuition fees


We, the national student unions in the Nordic-Baltic countries fear that the Nordic welfare system is threatened. The Introductions of tuition fees and the increase of existing fees are now rapidly spreading all over Europe. Free education makes societies prosper. Equal access to higher education is a human right and it should progressively be made free of charge.

Maintaining and increasing access to quality higher education is necessary in the Nordic-Baltic countries to build a knowledge society and secure continued prosperity. Public investment into higher education is especially important during times of economic uncertainty. Keeping access policies will help to avoid youth unemployment and offer good benefits to the society with a long term flexibility of the labour market and a smarter, more thriving economy.

The Nordic countries have achieved significant developments in the field of stimulating innovation and building a knowledge-based society by opening equal access to education for all socio-economical groups. Education is not only a mean to unleash the potential of human resources, but it is a strong foundation for creating a sense of solidarity in a society and an overall level of civic participation. Tuition fees shift student focus away from the studies. With publicly funded education, individuals are able to allocate their time and resources to get the best results from the study process.

Internationalisation is vital for both science and the future of our societies. The implementation of tuition fees for students coming from outside the EU/EEA-countries will dramatically cut down the amount of incoming students and is the starting point of making education a commodity. Promoting the Nordic-Baltic region as a socially just area with a high standard of equality will help us to attract international students to come and stay here. Our societies need this highly educated work force to contribute to the prosperity and development of our region – which they already do during their studies.

NOM is a regional co-operation network of national student unions that has members from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The NOM-meeting was held in Gothenburg on the 8th-11th of April 2010, 


SFS- Robin Moberg, Vice chairperson

SFS – Hanna Mörck, Executive committee

LSA – Anna Cirule, International Affairs officer

StL – Kent Are Varmedal, leader of international committee

LSS – Karina Ufert, vice chairperson

Samok – Konsta Ryhanen, vice chairperson

NSU – Magnus Ofstad Malnes, executive committee

LSAS – Rasa Cincyte, international officer

SYL – Juha Töyrylä, Executive Board Member

SYL – Jarmo Kallunki, Education Officer

EÜL – Maris Mälzer, chairperson

EÜL – Eimar Veldre, vice chairperson

DSF – Nikolaj Villumsen, International consultant