Doktorandkommittén – SFS-DK

SFS-DK is a committee within SFS, the Swedish National Union of Students, which works on issues concerning doctoral students. SFS-DK aims to enable SFS to contribute to the development of doctoral education, research, and the general conditions in academia from a doctoral student perspective. This work includes, but is not limited to, the requirement of employment for all doctoral students, transparent admission processes, and continued strong doctoral student influence.

For instance, SFS-DK gives input on relevant governmental hearings (“remiss” in Swedish) that SFS is included in to provide the perspective of doctoral students. Another example of a task that SFS-DK carries out is promoting issues that concern doctoral students internally, i.e., within SFS, and externally, i.e., at a national level. You can find more examples of the work of SFS-DK here.

SFS-DK also works towards ensuring and securing a high level of representation of doctoral students in Sweden at national and international levels. Together with the presidium of SFS, SFS-DK represents doctoral students in Sweden at the national and international level.

SFS-DK on social media

If you wish to follow the work of SFS-DK, you can follow us on Facebook at

Doktorandkommittén i Sveriges förenade studentkårer

You can also join the Facebook group “Doktorander i Sverige” to participate in discussions regarding the conditions of doctoral students.

The PhD handbook

The PhD handbook is a comprehensive guide to those pursuing (or considering pursuing) doctoral studies in Sweden. The purpose of the PhD handbook is to act as an informational page for doctoral students in Sweden in general. It describes everything from the admissions process to your laws and rights as a doctoral student in Sweden. Visit the for more information!