Linn Svärd and Jacob Färnert take over as SFS presidium

Today, Linn Svärd and Jacob Färnert join SFS presidium. The new presidium was elected by the council (SFSFUM) in Malmö on 5-7 May and will now take office on 1 July.

Linn Svärd begins her third year in the presidium with one year as vice chairman and as chairman for the financial year 2021/22 in the bag. In the past year, Svärd has primarily worked with issues such as quality of education and university management.

Jacob Färnert most recently came from the role of chairman of the Uppsala Student Union, where he pushed through several reforms concerning student influence and quality of education during his two terms. During the past year, Färnert has also been a member of SFS's board.

“It has been an intense handover period and now we are ready to start the year. There are several major educational policy reforms in the air, so it feels incredibly exciting to be involved and raise the students' voices this year. ”

Linn Svärd and Jacob Färnert