New report: For more student housing

The Swedish National Union of Students, SFS, in collaboration with Student housing companies, has produced a report in which proposals for reforms for increased housing construction are presented.

The situation in the housing market is dark. New production has almost completely stopped, and planned construction projects have been cancelled. According to recent forecasts, the number of housing starts will end up at 20 by 000, which is on par with the crisis of the 2023s. The situation is very serious, especially since the need for housing does not end just because new construction stops. This also applies to the highest degree to the need for housing for students.

With this report, we have mapped and identified political reform proposals so that more student housing can be built. In the center are mainly new proposals for financing the construction of student housing, with a focus on government incentives. 

The proposals in brief:

  • Design a new state support for student housing. 
  • Develop government credit guarantees. 
  • Before government green loans. 
  • Stimulate conversion of premises into student accommodation.

In connection with the launch, SFS and Student Housing Companies are arranging a joint seminar on July 29 at 14:00-14:50 pm in Almedalen. The seminar has the name "Stop the construction of student housing - what do we do now?".