Report release: Postgraduate students' higher education pedagogical education

Download the full report below or read it here

Today, SFS releases a report on research students' higher education pedagogical education. The report is based on a survey conducted by SFS to find out how the higher education institutions comply with the Swedish University and University Association's (SUHF) recommendations on research students' higher education pedagogical education. It is about all doctoral students being offered higher education pedagogical education within the framework of their doctoral education and that all doctoral students who teach must undergo such education. The questionnaire was answered by 69 respondents at 21 different universities. Those who have answered the questionnaire are those responsible for postgraduate education, higher education pedagogical units and doctoral student representatives.

What is the way forward?

In it, SFS also presents a number of proposals on how higher education institutions, SUHF and the Government can contribute to improving the higher education pedagogical educations for doctoral students. These suggestions are listed below. 

Recommendations to higher education institutions

The higher education institutions should in the first instance ensure that they comply with the recommendations of the SUHF. They can too

  • Review the proportion of postgraduate students at the higher education institution who take a course in higher education pedagogy during their postgraduate education.
  • Adapt the content of the higher education pedagogical courses based on the needs / demand of the research students.
  • Increase the flexibility and number of courses for the higher education pedagogical educations.
  • Ensure that higher education pedagogical education is highly valued when recruiting teaching staff.

Recommendations to SUHF

Swedish Association of Universities and University Colleges (SUHF) can supplement the recommendations by specifying how the higher education institutions are to register the higher education pedagogical courses. Today, there is a requirement that the courses must be documented, but it is not clear how. By clarifying which data should be registered, it is possible to obtain statistics that enable comparisons between higher education institutions and comparisons over time.

Recommendations for The government 

The Government can above all support the development work for the higher education pedagogical educations by implementing the University Chancellor's Office's (UKÄ) recommendation to give the University and Higher Education Council (UHR) a promotion assignment for higher education pedagogical development, and to set aside searchable project funds for such development work. In order for the doctoral programs to take place in part, it is important to specify that part of the assignment shall aim to promote the development of doctoral students' higher education pedagogical education.