Student representative to the HEIs' climate network's focus group "Learning for sustainable development"

SFS is looking for a student representative for the Lärosätena's climate network focus group "Learning for sustainable development".

The focus group's goal is to create better conditions for teachers in the academy so that they can integrate sustainability perspectives in their teaching and in their pedagogical development measures. This is so that all students will acquire good knowledge and abilities in sustainable development during their studies.

The focus group shall map and make available various forms of experience exchange and competence development for teachers. The focus group may also come up with proposals for changes in academic institutions' organizational and qualification systems.

Please read more about the work of the Universities' climate network here

Time period: One year with the possibility of extension for another year 

Fee: No

Digital/Physical: Primarily digital, possibly some physical meetings 

Any travel costs are covered by SFS

Merit: Merit with an interest in sustainability issues