The college podcast

The university podcast is part of SFS 'anniversary initiative. Here you will get the latest news from the higher education policy sector, tips from the unions and in-depth interviews with actors in the higher education sector.

With the University Podcast, SFS wants to contribute with a platform to talk about, discuss and dive deep into university politics and student influence. The podcast will be released once a month. Each section will cover different topics and have different guests.

Avsnitt 8: Karin Röding

Karin Röding har varit en maktfaktor i svensk högskolesektor i många år. Vilka förändringar har hon sett inifrån maskineriet? Och vart är vi på väg?

Episode 1: Premiere!

In the first episode, we get to meet SFS's current presidium: Simon Edström and Linn Svärd. We get to know them as a presidium and they tell us what can be expected from future episodes.

You can be involved and influence. Become a student representative!

Every year, SFS nominates and appoints a large number of representatives to national bodies and groups within authorities such as UHR, UKÄ and CSN.