Högskolepodden is part of SFS's anniversary investment. Here you will get the latest news from the higher education policy sector, tips from the unions and in-depth interviews with actors in the higher education sector.

With Högskolepodden SFS wants to contribute with a platform to talk about, discuss and dive deep into higher education policy and student influence. The podcast will come out once a month. Each section will cover different topics and have different guests.

Section 9: Torbjörn Nilsson

Torbjörn Nilsson, perhaps one of the country's most prominent political reporters, is a guest Högskolepoddens ninth section to tell about the university's political history.

Episode 8: Karin Röding

Karin Röding has been a power factor in the Swedish higher education sector for many years. What changes has she seen from within the machinery? And where are we going?

Episode 1: Premiere!

In the first episode, we get to meet SFS current presidium: Simon Edström and Linn Svärd. We get to know them as presidium and they talk about what can be expected from future episodes.

Be involved and influence - become a student representative!

Every year, SFS nominates and appoints a large number of representatives to national bodies and groups within authorities such as UHR, UKÄ and CSN.