Call for nomination SFS-DK chairperson

About SFS-DK, SFS doctoral student committee

SFS-DK is a committee in SFS which works as an advisory board for the presidium and board of SFS in questions regarding third-cycle education, research and the general conditions of doctoral students. SFS-DK aims to enable SFS to influence the development of the third cycle education, research, and the general conditions of doctoral students in Sweden.

SFS-DK also works within SFS to bring attention to these issues. SFS-DK consists of 7 members who are doctoral students at Swedish higher education institutions. Of these 7 members, one is the chairperson of SFS-DK, and 1-2 are vice-chairs of SFS-DK. SFS-DK has a mandate period from the 1st of August to the 31st of July.  

SFS-DK hosts an informational meeting on Thursday 25th April at 17:00 on Zoom about the call for nomination and the work of SFS-DK in general. The invitation will be sent directly to local Doctoral Student Organisations, but you are also very welcome to contact [email protected] for a direct invitation for this meeting. 

The task as chairperson of SFS-DK 

As chairperson of SFS-DK, you are the national representative for doctoral students in Sweden together with the SFS presidium. The main tasks of the chairperson include leading the work of SFS-DK, maintaining contact with the SFS presidium and board, and other representational work. The chairperson of SFS-DK is expected to spend 50 working days in total on the task.

We are looking for someone who: 

  • Is a doctoral student at a Swedish higher education institution
  • Is proficient in English both orally and in written form
  • Has the ability to collaborate well with others, both internally and externally

It is also of merit if you:

  • Have experience with student representation and/or doctoral representation
  • Have experience of the Swedish student union system
  • Have experience of working within the higher education sector 
  • Understand written and spoken Swedish
  • Have experience with a leadership position, organisational work and representing others
  • Have a great interest in representing doctoral students at the national level


Please send your nomination no later than May 13th to SFS Vice President Klara Dryselius via [email protected]. Nominations can be made by a member union of SFS, a group of at least 10 members from a member union, members in the board of SFS and members in SFS-DK.

The nomination should contain the following:

  • A motivational/personal letter written by the candidate (1-2 pages long)
  • The candidate’s CV, also containing contact details of phone and email
  • Contact information on who is nominating the candidate
  • At least one reference containing contact details of phone and/or email

If the nominee suspects that they will not be able to cannot undertake the entire workload (50 working days) or if you are a representative of a political party, a trade union or an advocacy group, the nomination should contain information regarding this.

Tag your nomination with [Nomination SFS-DK Chairperson] in the title of your email. If you have any questions about the nomination please contact Vice President Klara Dryselius, [email protected]. For questions regarding the position please contact SFS-DK chairperson Topias Tolonen-Weckström, [email protected].

Election process

It is the board of SFS that elects the chairperson of SFS-DK. To assist the board in this matter, the board has appointed a preparational election committee (PEC) with representatives from the board and SFS-DK. 

Candidates with valid nominations will be called for digital interviews to be conducted by members of the PEC. The PEC will make a recommendation to the board, and the board will elect SFS-DK members and chairpersons on 14-16th of June 2024.