Seminar: Climate Change on Campus – Leading by Example?

The panel discussion took place on the 16th of December 2021. It is recorded here if you would like to watch it again.


Is there a discrepancy between knowledge and action on university campuses when it comes to climate change? Flying from conference to conference is a long held practice in the sector – do students feel that they are being listened to when it comes to climate action? What are the best practices for campuses in Sweden, and what is being done to influence the rest of the world?

Please join us for a virtual panel discussion, hosted by the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) and the Student Union in Borås. The seminar is a part of SFS100, the celebration of 100 years of national student influence.


Vera Thallinger – Vice President of the Student Union in Borås. Previously Chair of Hållbar Student, the union’s sustainability committee.

Jacob Blasius, International Officer of the National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF). DSF is an active voice when it comes to climate change, Jacob Blasius represents that voice on the international stage.

Björn Brorström, President of the Board at Kristianstads University, previously Vice Chancellor at the University of Borås, leading the university’s work on sustainable development.

Ra’eesah Hendricks, National Board Member of Klimatstudenterna (Climate Students)