New report: The Individual Study Plan

“An appropriate and legally secure ISP” has been a priority issue for both SFS and SFS doctoral committee during 2023/2024, and the aim of this is to highlight the doctoral student’s and the higher education institutions undertaking through and in the ISP, and facilitate a national exchange of experience and the dissemination of good examples of the establishment of and the work on ISP. 

This report is the result of this work. 

The report consists of two parts. First, we present advice both aimed towards new doctoral students before they fill out their ISP for the first time, and for doctoral students preparing to update their ISP. In the second part, we outline a survey that we have conducted among doctoral students.

We conclude the report with two reflections: 

  • Supervisors – and doctoral colleagues! – play an important role 
  • The knowledge about the ISP needs to increase 

In connection with the launch of the report, SFS organised a live-streamed panel discussion. We first present the report, followed by the panel discussion. You can watch it afterwards on Facebook (no account needed). 

Note: Due to unforeseen events, this version of the report is not formatted. An updated version will be published after the summer and will replace this version. The content is the same.