SFSFUM 2020 Election

Here is the nomination committee with info about which candidates they propose, a link to a survey to ask questions to them and all other info you may need to minimize the risk of technical hassle now that SFSFUM is going digital!


Now that FUM has gone digital, we from the Nomination Committee think that it would make things easier for questions to the candidates that we propose or to ourselves can be answered in writing. That is why we have created this survey! Now you members and the Doctoral Student Committee have the opportunity to write your questions to the candidates proposed by the Nomination Committee, which the Nomination Committee does not nominate, and to the Nomination Committee itself! We will close this on April 7 to give everyone time to answer any questions, and answers are expected to be sent out to you on April 14.

The survey is here. 


Since SFSFUM is performed at a distance, the candidates have had the opportunity to introduce themselves through more detailed presentations in video form or text form. The idea is to try to answer certain questions in advance, so that the meeting itself flows as smoothly as possible. 

The presentations is here. 


In the election to the Board, four nominations were received for SFS presidium. Of these, all agreed to the nominations. The Nomination Committee has had good candidates and we are very pleased with our proposal. In our documentation, we have a CV, personal letter, references and that we conducted a hearing with all candidates, which was the basis for our decision.

Nominated to the Bureau (personal letters linked):

Johan Nilsson - Candidacy withdrawn
Linn Sword
Mårten Andersson
Simon Edstrom

The Nomination Committee proposes to elect Simon Edström as Chairman and Linn Svärd as Deputy Chairman. Documents with motivation and other info is here. 


The Nomination Committee's proposal for ordinary members of SFS's Board: 

Arita Halili
Axel Andersson
Elisabet Lövkvist
Emma Wallerström
Erik Frännfors
Frida Gommel
Gustav Ekström
Johan Nilsson (has withdrawn his candidacy)
Karl Kilbo Edlund
Mårten Andersson
Sara Gabrielsen

As well as suggestions for reserve list:
Eric Gustafsson
Petter Elgh

Folder with personal letters from everyone who applied to the board is here. 

Folder with presentations from people who applied to the board is here. (continuously updated)

Documents with complete info and motivation is here. 


The Nomination Committee hereby reopens the opportunity to run for the Nomination Committee or the position as Auditor for the financial year 2020-2021 (new deadline 13 April). If you have already submitted your candidacy or accepted your nomination during the regular application period, you do not need to apply again.

Questionnaire for the application is here. 

Link to the applications that have already been submitted is here. 

Click here for the nomination request in Swedish. Click here for the invitation to nominate in English . Both documents contain complete information including a description of the assignments and requirements profile.