The SFS Council will be held digitally in 2021 on 19 April and 23-25 ​​April (the meeting opens for a request on 15 April). The host union for the council is the Student Union in Borås. This page will be updated regularly with documents, information, etc. before the meeting and is for SFS members who either themselves or via a representative will participate in FUM.

Watch the inaugural film from SFSFUM 2021 here

Preliminary schedule

Notice of the meeting has now been sent to all unions by e-mail. It can also be downloaded here:

All documents are found here

Election matters
Nomination request and all information about worth is here

Updated schedule for SFSFUM and times for the actual implementation of the meeting can be downloaded here:

FUM school and introduction to VoteIt

Before FUM, we hold trainings, these can be found in the event calendar. In retrospect, the educations are uploaded here.

SFSFUM School:

FUM education: VoteIt and Zoom (22/2 -21)

If you want to read more about what SFSFUM is, you will find it here, and if you want to learn more about how the council works, you can read about SFSFUM's working method. If you are curious about what happened during the previous council, you can read about former SFSFUM.