Election issues FUM 2021

On this page you can find information about the nomination process and elections for all personal elections that will take place at SFSFUM 2021. The page is continuously updated until FUM 2021.

The Nomination Committee's proposals and documents for SFSFUM 2021

Interviews with the Nomination Committee's proposal for SFS presidium

Linn Svärd is the Nomination Committee's proposal for Chairman of SFS.

Oskar M Wiik is the Nomination Committee's proposal for Vice Chairman of SFS.

Candidate presentations

Here you can read personal letters for all candidates for positions of trust within SFS. They are divided into which item is applied for.

Candidates for SFS presidium

Letters from candidates who have withdrawn their candidacy are deleted below.

Candidates for SFS board

Candidates for Auditor for SFS

Requirement profiles and nomination process

The nomination process is now complete. You will find requirement profiles for all assignments and the nomination request here. The documents are attached in both Swedish and English.

Job specifications and invitation to nominate in English: