The Nomination Committee's nominations SFSFUM 2022

Now the nomination period for positions of trust within SFS is over and we have a result. In total, we have received 63 nominations, which is more than three times as many as last year when 18 nominations were received! We from the Nomination Committee really want to thank all of you who have harassed potential candidates, encouraged and encouraged each other to apply and say yes to nominations.

This shows that the commitment within SFS is great and that it is attractive to get involved within SFS. With this, the Nomination Committee's work goes further into the next phase where we will set dates for interviews with the candidates and plan public hearings for the candidates for the Bureau. No dates have been set yet, but we from the Nomination Committee will continuously provide more information when this is available. Here are also all nominees, to which posts and number of nominations per person. Please enjoy!

// The Nomination Committee

Name Post
Sandra MagnussonPresidium
Linn SwordPresidium
Jacob Farnert Presidium
Elis WibackeReviewer
Marcus KarlénReviewer
Anton BerglundReviewer
Timmy HansonBoard
Araz FarkoshBoard
Louise AhlströmBoard
Sanela LulicBoard
Paulina SamuelssonBoard
Jonathan SjölanderBoard
Jack WahnbergBoard
Linus OlssonBoard
Carl-Johan MellinBoard
Emma SvenssonBoard
Philip JohanssonBoard
Ossian AhlkvistBoard
Wilhelm WeréenBoard
Policarpio BernerstedtBoard
Jessica HagstromBoard
Simon Froster DelbomThe election committee
Johan HederThe election committee
Sebastian PfaffThe election committee