[The page below is an information page for SFS City Council 2020 and may contain outdated information]

SFS council (SFSFUM) is the organization's highest decision-making body. Decisions are made here about how the organization should look and work, what goals SFS should work for and how students' rights are best protected.


The next SFSFUM will be 17-19 April 2020 in Halmstad. Here you will find a complete schedule of the work for SFSFUM 2020.

Due to the great risk of spreading infection at a physical council meeting, the board decided on March 20 that a digital council meeting should be held instead. The meeting will be on April 18.


A digital council is not optimal for handling the number of bills and motions that have been raised for this year's SFSFUM. Therefore, the Board decided, with input from the auditor, to reduce the number of items discussed during the digital council meeting and to propose that it be called for an extra council meeting. Below is a complete list of preferred items that will be included along with documents.

  • The chairman declared the meeting open
  • Adjustment of the voting list
  • Election of meeting chairman and meeting secretary
  • Choice of adjusters
  • Competent announcement of the meeting
  • Election of meeting officials
  • Closing of the meeting


Here you will find all information about the elections! There are personal letters to all candidates and information about the elections to the auditor and nomination committee.


SFSFUM will be held in Zoom on Saturday 18 April.

9: 00-10: 00 - Everyone connects to Zoom, we make sure everything works, FUM school and inauguration.

10: 00-12: 30 - The meeting opens, introductory formalities, ends last year, interpellations

12: 30-13: 30 - Lunch break

13: 30-18: 00 - Bill, other motions and elections

18: 00-19: 00 - Dinner

19: 00- The last points and the meeting ends

After the meeting ends, we will have a thank you and it will be possible to stay and "mingle" with the other participants.

The order in which the points are processed will be able to change during the day. However, lunch time and dinner time are completely fixed and will not be moved. During the meeting, the chairman of the meeting will ensure that we take many breaks, both shorter technical breaks, but also longer breaks so that there is time to stretch, refill the coffee cup and the like.

Link to the Zoom meeting for SFSFUM will be sent out to all participants next week. The meeting will also be broadcast live so that those who do not have a seat at the meeting will be able to attend on their own, this is in line with the charter's requirement that the meeting be public.


At SFSFUM, VoteIT is used as a meeting tool. All registered participants must have had an email sent to them. Get in touch [email protected] if you have problems accessing VoteIT.

Click here to go directly to SFSFUM on VoteIT

Below are previously sent documents and information.


Everyone who participates in FUM must register in advance, the last day to register is 17 February. Link to registration (password to register has been sent out. If you do not have one, contact SFS office): https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/SFS_Fullmaktige_2020_4816


Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2018-2019

Auditor's report 2018-2019


Here you will find the bills, see here for the bills in video form. Note that the attachments are only available on TeamEngine and in the email sent to registered participants.

Proposition 1 - SFS Operations 2020-2021

Bill 2 - SFS membership fee and budget 2020-2021

Bill 3 - Amendment to the SFS Statute

Bill 4 - Change in SFS principle program

Bill 5 - Revision of SFS's view of the university's scope, supply, funding and admission

Proposition 6 - Revision of SFS's position_ An open and equal university for all

Bill 7 - Revision of SFS Housing Policy's position

You send motions through the exercise form that has been sent out via email. In the document below, the board has collected some tips for writing the exercise.

Tips for exercise writing!

Summaries of proposition 2-7 in English can be found below. A full translation for proposition 1 is also below.

English summaries for SFSFUM 2020 proposals

English translation for Proposition 1


Here you will find the board's draft bills that were sent out before our members' meeting, which took place on 3-4 February:

Draft P1 - SFS Operations 2020-2021

Draft P2 - SFS membership fee and budget 2020-2021

Draft P3 - Amendment to the SFS Statute

Draft P4 - Change in SFS principle program

Draft P5 - Revision of SFS's view of the university's scope, supply, funding and admission

Draft P6 - Revision of SFS's position_ An open and equal university for all

Draft P7 - Revision of SFS Housing Policy's position


Information is available here.