Election cases SFSFUM 2022

Requirement profiles and nomination process

The Nomination Committee hereby invites to a nomination for positions of trust within SFS!

I nomination request Below is information on which positions of trust are possible to nominate, who has the opportunity to be nominated, who can nominate and what nominations should look like and when they should be received.

In the separate the requirement profiles below is more information about the assignments.

The positions of trust that can be nominated for are:

  • SFS presidium*
  • Members of SFS's board
  • SFS business auditors
  • Members of SFS Nomination Committee

* The Nomination Committee will consider all nominations received for the Bureau also as nominations to the Board member, unless otherwise stated in the nomination.

Job specifications and invitation to nominate in English.

The elections committee, with this letter, is inviting you to nominate persons to a position of trust within SFS! The Invitation to nominate, a document you can download below, includes information on which positions of trust are currently open for nominations, who is eligible to be nominated, who may nominate persons to positions of trust, as well as how the nominations should be presented and the last date for nominations to be sent in.

Also below are the job specifications for the different positions of trust. The positions of trust that are currently open for nominations are:

  • SFS Presidium (Council of Executive officers) *
  • Members of the SFS Board of Directors
  • SFS Operations Auditors
  • Members of the SFS Nominations Committee

* All nominations for SFS Presidium (Council of Executive Officers) posts will also be seen as nominations for members of the SFS Board of Directors, unless otherwise stated in the nomination